We provide all types of graphic design: If you want to create or renew your brand logo, create marketing content, or any other type of graphics or illustrations we can help you, since we have extensive experience in this field, expressing your ideas in a unique and original design that will surely impact anyone who sees it. If on the other hand you want to give your business a plus with a character, Kingcid Studio has different ways of doing it either if you want it with a 2D or 3D animation which will help you stand out from your competition because it is a useful strategy and effective for your customers to remember you.


All graphic design packages are divided in two categories

  • Unlimited
  • Per design

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost:

No limit on the designs, can have as many as required at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal designer for your business(less than half the cost), we only ask you to send the ideas you have in mind for the designs or the type of them and we can have it ready in a few hours to upto 2 days depending on the number of design, and they will be sent as soon as they are done for revisions(meaning that if you ask for 10 designs we can send you each as they are done or we can sent you all at once depending on your preference) this is only availabe in Canada and the USA

per design is charged per 1 design and the cost depends on the job and its complexity, packages can be design and are provided for social media designs via advisors